Wearables Gain Popularity for Being Fashionable and Functional


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Wearables are becoming a fast-growing trend for the past few years. Many companies have introduced their own wearables designed for different purposes. Besides smartwatches, they also come in other forms, such as fitness trackers and earbuds. Some can even be used to monitor pets. This market has become a profitable niche, no wonder many companies try to jump on board. Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Apple are some key players in this niche. At the same time, Garmin has also entered the market with their sports-related products. Of all products, fitness trackers have gained quite significant market share.

Wearables are not necessarily fitness bands. They are available in various designs and prices. The system is also embedded in shoes and shirts. Interestingly, those shoes can be mistaken for regular shoes because they look pretty similar. The difference is they have a tiny chip embedded somewhere. It can help you monitor your every move. This concept has also been introduced to the fashion world. Did you know that there are shirts that can be used to measure the heart rate? They are considered wearables for incorporating this unique function. Not only the heart rate, they also have the ability to measure activity intensity and breathing activity.

Android Wear

Android Wear has become an integral part of wearables. Android Wear 2.0 receives a major overhaul and has been rolled out to several devices. The latest version features so many updates. For instance, running native apps becomes much easier than before. Besides, it now offers flexible face customization and Play Store. Despite sharing a name with the mobile version, Android Wear is very different when it comes to interface. It makes sense because this operating system is meant for smaller devices instead of large ones like Smartphones.

Wearables 2

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Android Wear also features voice commands. There is no need to use swipes or other gestures if you feel more comfortable talking directly to the handset. It can recognize simple commands, like ‘Okay, Google’. With the latest updates, this system is better at understanding context, so whenever you ask something, you can also ask related questions and expect accurate answers.


Do you need a Smartwatch? For some people, these devices are not that important since many features are already present on Smartphones. However, these small gadgets are much simpler and allow you to manage messages more easily as you don’t need to grab Smartphone in the pocket. Smartwatches also look very stylish and complement outfits very well. Consumers have so many choices because tech giants like Apple and Google have released their own Smartwatches. Apple Smartwatch took the world by storm when it was first introduced.

LG has also teamed up with Google to release similar products, such as the LG Watch Style. The primary features include a plastic OLED display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a noticeable digital crown buttons, which is more advanced than that on traditional watches. As the name suggests, the digital crown button is added to help the user to navigate through the interface. In response to the growing market for smartwatches, Huawei has also come up with the Huawei Watch 2 and Huawei Watch 2 classic. As for Samsung, fans have a few options, among others, the Gear Frontier and Gear 3 Classic.


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