Things We Can Do In Virtual Reality

Things To Do In Virtual Reality

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Many people still confuse Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality because they sound similar. Sure, they have a few things common, but the concepts are still different. VR has become a fast-growing trend recently. It is easy to find VR headsets at varying prices. Augmented Reality also requires a headset, but it can be more practical, like in the form of a pair of eyeglasses. A device with this technology can show information in your field of vision. This means anything in front of you can still be seen.

As for Virtual Reality, the environment is more isolated. Your vision is basically sealed up, so it is hard to know what happens on the outside world especially when a headset covers up your ears as well. The video will take you to another dimension. Yes, it will feel like being in a foreign place that you’ve never visited before. Both can display information, but when you still want to engage with the surroundings, then AR is more suitable. If your goal is to be taken to another place, Virtual Reality is the answer. Just try a VR headset in person to find out more about this awesome technology. There are a few things to do with this headset.

Watching movies

A VR headset can show videos that can make you feel emotional. Some of those videos are shot specifically for this purpose. The experience is somewhat similar to watching TV shows, but feels more immersive due to the isolated environment. It is easy to cry or laugh because you will be like an eyewitness to those events.

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Watch 360° videos

Youtube has a new section that compiles 360° videos. Unlike regular videos, 360° recordings can be viewed from different angles. To record such footage, a certain type of camera is needed. The camera usually has numerous lenses to collect the immersive footage. Now that these videos are available on Youtube, you should take the opportunity to see them. They don’t require a VR headset, but it will be much better with this device. The videos fall under different categories, such as action sports, news events, nature films, and many others. (Also read: Everything You Need to Know About Android Nougat)

Seeing the earth from above

Actually, we only need Google Earth to locate places in the world. But then again, Virtual Reality offers a unique way of seeing all that. Just use it if you want to know what the technology is capable of. There are many interesting sights from above, so don’t miss it. Interestingly, it goes beyond the earth’s surface. This technology can also show the skies and related phenomena like Aurora Borealis. This is such a unique view that can be seen at the poles in a clear atmosphere.

Exploring the space

Virtual Technology is also a way to explore areas that seem out of reach, like the space. Let’s be honest, only a select few have a chance to explore the space. Most of us would be thankful enough to be able to enjoy the experience through VR. All you have to do is wear a VR headset, sit comfortably, and enjoy the journey. It can bring you closer to planets although they are in no way near you at that moment.


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