How to Use an Android Phone for Tracking Device

Use an Android Phone For Tracking 2

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How to Use an Android Phone for Tracking – GPS has become an essential feature on Android phones. If you own a new flagship, chances are you can find the feature on the phone. GPS provides many benefits. Just in case your phone gets lost somewhere, you can use the feature to locate the phone. The best part is GPS can still work even when there’s no internet connection. All you have to do is download maps of certain areas that you want to explore.

Activate Android Device Manager

Newest Android phones usually have this feature on board. It serves to ping a device’s location to servers owned by Google. As a result, your phone is always visible to them. Google can tell the location of the device currently. To fully take advantage of the feature, you will need to create a Google account first. Or you may have one already? If so, then just sign in. Here are additional steps you have to take:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find the ‘Personal’ section. There are a few options under the label. Tap the one called ‘Security’.
  3. On the next page, you should tap ‘Device Administrators’.
    There should be an option saying ‘Find My Device’, but it’s probably different depending on the type of your phone. Just tick the checkbox. If it says ‘Android Device Manager’ instead of the aforementioned option, then just tap it and then activate.
  4. To enable it, the user needs to grant some permissions, including the ability to erase data, change the unlock password, and lock the screen. Although ADM is useful as a tracker, it offers other functions as well. For example, it lets you manage your device from a distant location. It sounds interesting, right?
Use an Android Phone For Tracking

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Use Android Device Manager

After the activation, your job isn’t done, yet. Please try the feature yourself. Firstly, open a web browser, and then go to the Android Device Manager dashboard. Don’t forget to log into the Google account. It has to be the one synchronized with the Android phone. After that, click the ‘Locate Device’ button. It will come up with information about the device.

Use an Android Phone for Tracking 3

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Third-party apps

Many people like spending time on Google Play Store and scroll through apps to find ones they think would be suited for their phones. Well, if you are this type of user, then we’d love to tell you that there are many apps that can substitute Android Device Manager. The first one is Prey. In terms of functionality, it’s just as good as ADM. It also works for various platforms, including Mac and Linux. Lookout is another Android app you should try. However, it’s more than just a tracking app. With that in mind, it is probably not suitable for those who only need the tracking feature. Read reviews to find out what this app is capable of doing. We also want to introduce Familonet. The name is quite telling that the app is designed mainly for family monitoring. Well, it utilizes GPS technology, so it will be useful for tracking devices, too. All these apps are considered effective for combating device theft. That’s how to use an Android phone for tracking.


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