How to Turn Your Android Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

how to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

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The need for internet is high these days. Most people who have a Smartphone are connected to the internet non-stop. That’s why it is easy to find Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere. Some people prefer to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, while others don’t mind paying for mobile data. For your information, an Android phone can actually turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It acts as a router that transmits data to other devices. This feature is available in nearly every Android device. You just need to do a quick setup in order to make it work. Today we’ll share how to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.


As said before, some people prefer to use Wi-Fi especially when it is free. Once the hotspot feature is activated, you can share the internet data with many other devices. Let’s say you want to browse on your laptop because the screen is much bigger than your phone. All you have to do is enable the feature on the Smartphone. This can also be used to help others who need internet connection, but for whatever reason fail to get connected. Although beneficial, it is still important to pay attention to data usage since when many devices use the same source of connection, the bandwidth will run out faster. Every phone has ‘Data Usage’ menu that allows you to see how much data has been uploaded and downloaded.

How to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Follow these steps for activation:

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  1. Firstly, open the Settings menu. Scroll down and find ‘More’ under Wireless Networks
    You should be able to find ‘Tethering AND Portable Hotspot’. After that, go to ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’. You will be prompted to set up a new connection.
  2. There are some fields you have to fill out. The first one is Network Name. As the name implies, the network name is a name that shows up when a device detects your Wi-Fi. If you type in ‘My Free Internet’, then it is the one that will appear when you try to search the connection using another device. And then, there is an option to choose the type of security. There are a few options, but you can go for WPA PSK. The last one is password. An unprotected Wi-Fi connection can be abused by those seeking free internet, so it is important to secure it with a password, so that not everyone can gain access to the connection. Type a strong password that only you can guess. It should contain at least 8 characters. Once all details have been added, tap on ‘Save’.
  3. The Wi-Fi hotspot has been activated. To let other devices detect the connection, toggle ON the slider located right at the top of this page. Also, make sure everyone that wants to join this connection knows the password.

It sounds easy, right? It is worth-noting that a phone used as a hotspot will likely have battery problems. It makes sense because Wi-Fi drains battery quickly, not to mention that it will increase data usage significantly. To save the battery, you can disable the Wi-Fi while not in used. The options can be found in ‘Keep Wi-Fi Hotspot On’ section. The first on the list is to keep it on always, while the rest will set your Wi-Fi to off when it’s idle. (Also read: How to Set Up a VPN on Android)


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