How to Take a Screenshot On Android

how to take a screenshot on Android 2

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An Android phone has so many capabilities. One of the best things about Android is that we can easily take a screenshot. It can be done through different ways. We will tell you how to take a screenshot on Android.

Press power button + volume down

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to take a snapshot. It takes only two buttons, the power button and the volume down button. As long as your phone already runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, this should be possible. Press both of them at the same time. It will take the page you’re viewing in a matter of seconds. It takes a bit practice because in many cases, people tend to push one button faster than the other. Once the screenshot is taken, a notification should appear on the tray above the screen. Or you can open the Gallery to check it out.

Use built-in shortcuts

Although screengrabbing comes pre-loaded on Ice Cream Sandwich, there are other alternatives you can try. For the record, screengrabbing utilities are a basic addition to many Android devices. If you own one of the Galaxy series, you can do it by pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously. It is slightly different from the previous method, but both actually work. As for the caoture, it is saved in Gallery. Just in case you’re curious about this feature on your phone, just do a quick search on Google. Type in the name of your phone followed by related keywords like ‘take a screenshot’. (Also read: How to Clean Up Your Android Phone)

How to take a screenshot on Android

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Use an app

To take a screenshot on Android, using an app is also a good idea. In fact, it can do more than just simple screengrabbing. Here are some that we’d recommend:

  • Super Screenshot: the 4.4 rating speaks volume about the user satisfaction. If you’re looking for a powerful app, this is a good option. It comes with a wide range of tools to make editing more fun. It allows you to put text on the picture, resize it, and even blur certain parts that you want to hide. The user interface is also clean and simple. Open the app, and then find the Start Capture button, tap on it. After taking a photo, an editing panel will show up. You can do all the editing process there.
  • Screenshot Ultimate: it was named the ‘Ultimate’ for a reason. This app has so many additional features that will boost your creativity. Aside from changing the color of the screen grab, it also has a wide collection of effects. There are a bunch of tools you can use to make a screenshot more presentable. And if you don’t like the touch-ups, it is easy to return to the original file.
  • Screenshot Crop & Share: one thing that we like about this app is that we can take only a portion of the screen. There is no predetermined size, meaning that you can capture any area regardless of the size. As with others, it also has a panel to get the editing job done.
  • Perfect screen shot (classic): this is more than just a screengrabber. It also features a browser that you will probably use regularly. But it doesn’t skip the basic tools like adding text. For those who want to experiment with screenshot editing, just download this app. That’s how to take a screenshot on Android.


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