Fascinating Story Behind Creation Clash Of Clans Game History

Who does not know Clash Of Clans game? Of course, anyone would know this game, because this game is phenomenal. The game made by Supercell has been worldwide and loved by divers circles with varying ages. Its creation is also through a long process to form Clash Of Clans game history of interest. Also, availability for download in Android and IOS also that makes this game phenomenal.

Fascinating Story Behind Creation Clash Of Clans Game History

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Through a long process of the creation of this game makes this game perfect to play. Referring to its inception than the developers of Clash Of Clans game history created an efficient strategy game. These game can play by forming a clan, or this group necessitates attacking another tribe. Strategy and cooperation needed in playing this game to able to win the clan war. The nature of the multiplayer game is also what makes this game more and more fans.

Knowing Clash Of Clans game history

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Knowing Clash Of Clans game history

Of this game is not only the game is entertaining, but also the history of the creation and the establishment of this match. Ilkka Paananen as the Clash Of Clans creator name, as well as the founder of Supercell, a game development company located in Helsinki, Finland country. Let s we look at the history of Clash Of Clans created this from year to year.

2011: the planning period

In this year Supercell as a new company is still struggling to find a good name. Until then they decided to launch the game Gunshine for Facebook, but unfortunately, this game is less interesting. Eventually, this game close.

2012: design period of Clash Of Clans game history

Throughout 2012, developers from Supercell are trying to develop five games. But three games are considered less attractive, so finally only focus on two strategy games only, those are HayDay and Clash Of Clans or also known as COC cheat engine. Both games are released only just to crack iOs and get rave reviews from users of iOs devices.

2013: expanding market

After getting a good reception and big profits in 2012 thanks to its release on iOs. Then Supercell target other markets, namely Android users. Then in this year 2013 Supercell back to released android version for both game that is Clash Of Clans and HayDay. But the glory here is Clash of Clans cheats android, again getting a lot of fans from Android users. ( Also read : Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Game Reviews )

2014: the triumph of Clash Of Clans game

At the end in 2014, Supercell managed to reap a profit of 1.24 billion. This advantage is purely only from the Clash Of Clans game only. Therefore, Clash Of Clans game also makes Supercell succeeded in its glory.

Interesting is not history from the creation of Clash Of Clans? So it was the hard work of the game developers team that has managed to give birth to an exhilarating game and create an addiction that plays it. Through Clash Of Clans game history is also we know that to create a good game and have the selling power it takes effort and time is not short.

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