How to Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background

Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background

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The performance of an Android phone tends to decrease over time. Your phone might feel fast when you first bought it, but after a few years it started slowing down. It is a common issue which affects millions of devices. All you have to do is find the root of the cause. In many cases, the overuse of memory is the underlying cause. If there are many apps installed on your phone, consider ditching some because this will likely improve the performance. Some apps run in the background and they are the ones that take up the most RAM and storage. Just in case you notice something went wrong with the phone, just track down the battery use. See if there a change in power use after installing a certain app. Here’s how to stop Android apps from running in the background:

Monitor the battery usage

It is good to start by monitoring the battery usage. There must be a reason why your phone has become sluggish. Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. Scroll down to see the complete recent battery usage. There you should see apps that consume power the most. When an app is inactive yet still drains a lot of power, it is a perfect candidate to be uninstalled. Some of those apps are probably your favorites. But those that are rarely used, just install them to save the battery life.

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Disable processes

This works, but we want to point out that stopping certain apps or tasks from running might lead to a crash. For this reason, be careful with this action. Google apps are basically important for every Smartphone, so don’t target them as it can put you in trouble. Knowing which apps to stop is the most critical thing. Focus on apps that you added manually. Some of them are probably resource hogs that drain battery quickly. To do this, go to Settings > Developer Options > Processes, click the Stop button. Also, please access the cache processes through Settings. This can also be effective to improve performance. Try to clear cache of some apps especially those you frequently use.

What if you fail to stop Android apps? If this happens, try the following alternative. Go to Settings > Application > Application Manager. You will come across the ‘Force Stop’ menu. Just tap on it to execute the task. Or you might as well need to uninstall the app altogether. This seems to be more efficient and hassle-free. Many Android users like to install applications that they rarely or never use. They only cram the space, so there is no reason to keep them on your device. (Read also: Check Out These Android Apps for Chromebook)

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Update your Android OS

Each update usually comes with better battery features, so if it’s possible to update to the latest version, then go get it. The problem is not every device support the latest Android releases. For example, Android Marshmallow has Doze, a feature that puts an Android phone to sleep when it’s in a stationary position for a period of time. The Android Nougat has it even better. It comes with Doze 2.0, which has the same ability, but also works when the phone is moving. Installing a task killer can also be a solution although this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people argue that adding another app in an already crowded environment won’t help that much. Besides, it also demands closing apps repeatedly which may have an impact on overall performance. That’s how to stop Android apps from running in the background.


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