Sound One V8 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with a Built-in Mic

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The Sound One V8 is a Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone. It looks expensive withmetallic finishing, but that’s not the thing that will excite you the most. For the price, the headset provides a great music experience. There are two ways to enjoy music from these headphones. First, you can make use of the Bluetooth connectivity. Or you can also plug it into the device where the music is playing. It comes with many features as well, one of which is noise cancellation. This helps reduce background noise and make your listening sessions quieter.


The Sound One V8 has an awesome design. One of the perks of owning these headphones is you won’t suffer from neck pain because they are lightweight. They’re also compact, meaning that you can store them in the backpack or anywhere. The exterior is coated in a matte finish, which really boosts its modern appeal. Meanwhile, the cups are made of a soft-touch material. They are comfortable to wear. On the right ear cup, there is an array of control buttons. There is also a button to answer and end phone calls. Another button is added for pairing purposes. For charging, they’re equipped with a microUSB. Despite the compact design, we find the cups a bit tight. Those who have large ears would probably suffer the most. Keep in mind that the cushioning is made of a flexible material, so even if it feels tight at first, the cups will loosen up and fit in your ears eventually.

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The quality of the audio depends on the Smartphone you pair with it. Not every Smartphone produces sounds the same way. If you use a flagship, then we believe the output will be satisfactory. The headphones can be used to play different music genres. The treble is prominent when it kicks in. But don’t worry, the bass isn’t weak that it can easily be drowned out. Tune the bass to balance it out. Check out on the music app if there are any settings to increase bass and surround. You can adjust them to push these elements forward.

You can call with these headphones, but as far as clarity is concerned, the person over the phone tends to hear a lot of ambient noise. Since it uses Bluetooth connectivity, it’s possible to check incoming messages while listening to music. The problem is, the music gets disrupted whenever you want to check messages. This feels inconvenient because the music doesn’t play smoothly all the time.


Another thing that makes the Sound One V8 stand out is the battery life. It last around 18 hours on a single charge. It can last longer if the headphones aren’t used non-stop. It’s easy to connect to various devices. So if you have a desktop PC, a laptop, or another device, just add this headset to the system and once the pairing is successful, you can hear music from the external source. For the record, the Bluetooth has a range of approximately 15 meters. Make sure you don’t step out of the zone because the connection will be affected. All in all, the V8 delivers a good listening experience. Besides, it’s also very compact to carry around. Anyone who hasn’t a headset should consider buying one.



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