How To Setup ADB and Fastboot for Android Devices on Your Devices

Before you know how to setup ADB and FastBoot, you must know, ADB has used as a development of running phone applications from a computer. So you can debug, even if it has used for Android devices. Here ADB allows users to be able to perform communication on the development level of Android phones. These are very useful when users want to issue commands, for example, to move files to the device, then, run the file to root on the phone.

How To Setup ADB and Fastboot for Android Devices on Your Devices

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This Fastboot is almost identical to the ADB used to give commands to connected devices. The difference, Fastboot is more function to sort out various parts of Android, for example, delete all user data, update the system with the updated version. This mode is more widely used manufacturers, to estimate and improve devices soft, like ADB, Fastboot can also help for the telephone roots effort.

You need to know that ADB and Fastboot are referred to as developers because, regarding preparing system updates, these two devices are not the most intuitive. Because these two devices work on two information systems that are often in use by the user, ie, Windows, and Linux.

How to Setup ADB or Fastboot on your windows

First step to setup ADB and FastBoot, go to the link page to download on XDA, and download ADB Installer for 15 seconds. Once installed, and select run as administrator. Once open, press Y and each question are inputted to guide you through the setup process and it. Then restart the computer after the install is complete. On your phone, go to settings, then go to about the phone, then touch the wake-up number until you inform you that you are a developer.

How To Setup ADB and Fastboot for Android Devices

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Then, you go to the developer option and turn on USB Debugging. The Android device in plug via USB cable and wait until driver installed. Then on PC, open file explorer, go to disk C. Then insert ADB and Fastboot in one folder and with other data pair, choose open command window. After that, press enters at the end of each line in the command prompt. If it’s a new Android phone, then the popup appears for RSA button to appear, pay attention and always allow and receive. Then when the serial number is visible, the device is ready.

Troubleshoot drivers

Although already installed as described in the above sequence, but sometimes there are still some problems with the driver not installing properly and need a few alternative ways for the device to work properly. The alternative way is to do the manual way, the general way that can be said this last way and most likely the device can be installed.

Windows Driver Notifications manually

This a manual setup ADB and Fastboot. First way failed and was not install. Use the search feature on your computer, then search for Device Manager. In the device manager, there should be an exclamation point on the item; an exclamation mark indicates that the driver has not installed on the subject. Then right-click the item and select update driver software. Then select Browse My Computer, select Let me Pick from a List. Then select android device chooses the Android ADB device. Also read : Android Tips and Tricks You Probably Never Heard

If you are still confused with the way shown above, you can also see the video setup ADB and Fastboot below to understand better, and the possibility of successful installation can occur. Because if we watch the video, we more know to click or choose option.

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