Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Review and Specification You Need To Know

Samsung launched their new Samsung Galaxy J7 this year; it is Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. In this May, someone leaked the front view of Galaxy J7 2017 and it made all the gadget lovers were very curious about how would this phone will be. Everyone waited for this newest Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 review and finally after a month of that accident this phone which highly awaited by everyone has at last officially released. Let’s try to check these review.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Review and Specification

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Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Review You Have to Know

If you know that Samsung Galaxy J series already had their oldest Galaxy J7 which are Galaxy J7 2015 and J7 2016, you should be aware that this year Samsung also released their 2017 series. You must interest on this Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 reviews. Keep on reading this article.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Review Models

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General Specifications

  • Processor : 1,6 GHz octa core
  • Resolution : 1080×1920 pixels
  • OS : Android 7.0 (Naugat)
  • Rear and front Camera : 13 Megapixel

Those are the general specifications of this phone, here are Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 review about the other general specification you need to know.

  1. The display of this phone is 5,50 inch and it so comfortable to keep in your hand.
  2. Some of these general specifications are same with the old 2016 version, but it improves on the front camera that the old 2016 version just has a 5-megapixel resolution. It would make a user more satisfied and have an impressive result on their selfie.
  3. The screen resolution of this phone is better than the old one, and it would make more comfortable for all user, and also the resolution that showed on this phone is more HD than the last series.
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM) on this phone is 3 GB that higher than the old versions that only have 2 GB of RAM. With this specification, we could use this phone easily without scared of this phone getting slow response.
  5. The battery capacity is 3600 mAH that could make your phone still alive whole day along with average usage like messenger, taking some photos, recording, etc. And this battery is a non-removable battery so we couldn’t take out the battery as we want but it makes the design and thickness of this phone more elegant and excellent.

Other Specification

  • Colours : Black and Gold
  • Internal storage : 16 GB
  • Expandable storage : Yes
  • Expandable storage up to : 256 GB
  • Fingerprint Sensor : Yes

Besides those general spesification that has been explained on the first point. These are other explanation about Samsung Galaxy J7.

  1. The colors that available for now is black and gold; maybe the company would think to produce another colors in the future. But, these colors are already impressive because black and gold colors showed the elegance.
  2. The storage of this phone is quite enough for the regular user, but it also provides external storage up to 256 GB.
  3. And the most interesting about this phone is the fingerprint sensor that would make our life easier to use it.

Those Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Review could help you to decide whether you want to pick this phone as your next gadget or not.

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