Samsung Features and Hacks You Might Never Know

Smartphone has been a part of daily life which can’t be separated from anyone. You can use this small item for so many things such as take a call, sending messages, chatting, media social, and so on. However, there are still lots of hidden use inside your phone that might rarely be discovered. Those hidden features surprisingly enriched your phone and can be something pretty handy for your daily life. If you use Samsung phone, let’s find out how these Samsung Android hacks will help to enhance the experience with your smartphone.

Samsung Android hacks

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Samsung Android Hacks inside Your Phone Setting


Are you a fan of Flappy Bird game? Samsung has a similar Flappy Bird-clone mini-game hidden inside the phone called as Lollipop. You just need to open your phone’s settings menu simply. Choose “about device” then double tap on “Android version.” Flashed-lollipop wallpaper will pop up right away, and you can enjoy touching your screen to finish the game.

Samsung Features and Hacks You Might Never Know

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Fingerprints Login

We might never expect that only a touch of finger-print can do so many things, for example, log in to websites. If you are using Samsung Galaxy S7, there is a Samsung Android hacks feature for fingerprint authentication scanner. This phone series has default web browser that can recognize your fingerprint as a password to logins such as to Amazon, Massdrop, bank account, and other protected sites. Beforehand, you need to set up your fingerprint security in the setting menu. Choose “lock screen and security” then “finger prints.”

Pin Windows

Another Samsung Android hacks are ‘pin windows’ feature to pin a particular application on the screen so you can’t navigate away from it. This feature is convenient when you want to keep your privacy or prevent anyone from exploring your phone secretly. This feature can only be disabled using your pin lock. Go to setting menu and open “lock screen and security” option. At the very bottom, you will find “other security settings,” tap then choose “pin windows.” Enable the feature by switching on the button at the top right of the screen. Then, you can choose “ask for the PIN before unpinning.” As you open an application, you will see a “pin” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap and choose “start” on the popped menu. Now, your phone has been pinned. Also read :
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More Features Worth to Try

What’s going to be more frightening than losing your phone? You will lose all your contacts and other relevant contents which might be accessed by anyone with bad intention. Of course, the first step is securing your phone with the pattern lock, passcode, or fingerprint login. However, there is a way to prevent that bad incident and even find your phone back using one Samsung Android hacks of in your phone. It is called as “Find My Mobile.” This feature can track and remote to erase all data in your phone from PC. Here, you need to go to “setting” menu then choose “lock screen and security.” Tap on “Find My Mobile” and login in with your Samsung account to activate this feature. If your Samsung phone series don’t have “Find My Mobile” feature, you can do the same with “Android Device Manager.”

Now, you can even use your phone for the better experience by utilizing these Samsung Android hacks, don’t you?

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