QardioBase 2 Offers a Wider Range of Features Over the Original

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If you’re looking for a smart scale, the QardioBase 2 can be an option. It records weight, BMI, and other measures. Although there are many products to choose from, the new QardioBase provides ease of use and a long list of features. In other words, it easily stands out of the crowd. The first generation was only launched a year ago, now the company has returned with a successor.


It retains the same form-factor as the sibling, but as far as functionality is concerned, it receives many new upgrades. It comes in a circular design, made of plastic and glass. As said before, there isn’t much to see because it’s very reminiscent of the older model. The difference is it gets bigger now. This is good news because the increase will directly affect stability. You will have no problem standing on it to measure your weight. There’s no denying that the design looks pretty. It’s round and slightly sloped around the edge. The surface is also very smooth. There is a microUSB port at the bottom. It’s a smart scale, not the regular type, so this addition comes as no surprise. The port is required for data transfer and charging. Other smart features added to this device are 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Many scales usually have only one or completely ditch them. So to have one that supports both connectivity options is awesome.


In addition to weight and BMI, it can also track full body composition, which includes muscle density, bone mass, fat percentage, etc. Smart scales are mainly used for measurements, so despite the minor aesthetic improvements, it’s great to see that no basic features are compromised. Some people reported connectivity issue on this product. Thankfully, the company has addressed it now by tweaking the design of the baseband and antennae. It’s claimed to provide more efficiency. This way, you can sync the scale with your Smartphone effortlessly.

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Analog scales are still widely used, but they can give inaccurate results when you can stand on them with shoes on. Shoes and other stuff that you wear may directly affect the reading. The QardioBase 2 is a bit different as it not only requires you to stand on it, but also touch it barefoot. You have to tap the scale with your foot to wake it. As a result, the reading should be accurate. It’s a good idea to own a smart scale especially if you care so much about your weight. This device can help track your progress, like how much you gain or lose over certain periods of time. It can also recognize up to 12 users. Let’s say there are 5 people in your family. You can let them use the same device and track their individual progresses. That’s because the scale can save up to 12 profiles.


The QardioBase 2 offers a companion app to monitor the recorded measurements. It’s not different from Smartwatch or fitness tracker apps. It can do many things, but mainly recording your weight progress. You can also use it to manage cardio devices and track activity levels. There are 4 Modes available once it’s connected to the scale. Normal is a mode that tracks weight, body composition, and BMI. Weight only is a mode that anyone with a pacemaker can use. Smart feedback replaces figures with smileys, and the last one is the pregnancy mode.


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