Supernatural Thriller Oxenfree Now Comes to Android

Oxenfree for Android

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Oxenfree is adventure Android game with horror elements. After it was available for PC and console, now Android users can get it as well. The gameplay is similar others. You basically have to deal with the ghosts coming out of a portal. There are a few ways to handle these entities. While you’re free to make decisions, it is important to remember that every decision has an impact on the plotline. For example, if you decide to do something and it doesn’t go well with another, the mission may fail. Players are supposed to create an intelligent conversation system. You basically have to discuss everything with those involved, but there’s still freedom to do anything. Throughout the adventure, you will come across spirits. Just talk to them in order to solve the mysteries.

In an age when games are rendered in 3D, being able to Oxenfree is such a breath of fresh air. It is not hard to play this game as it comes with point-and-click function, but the tasks are still difficult for many. It takes place in a haunted island where the characters are required to explore and deal with the supernatural events. Things that make up the game are also descent, including the visuals, voice acting, and music.

The game’s plotline is indeed exciting although there are many dark elements in it. The exploration is quickly becoming scary as you venture deeper into the island. Focus is very necessary to play this game as you can’t wait too long to make a decision or it can interfere with your chance of accomplishing the mission. There’s no complain about the voice acting because it feels natural. There might be some awkwardness in some responses, but they are mostly good to hear. The conversations also help us dig deeper into the personality of each character.

Oxenfree for Android 2

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As a side note, it offers so much flexibility. It is hard to predict where it will end because there can be a surprising twist depending on the decisions you’ve made before. Since the game requires your full attention, wearing a headphone is a good idea. It can help maintain focus and keep you away from distractions. As far as visuals are concerned, the game looks a bit better on PC. But we’re sure you will get over it because the differences are pretty subtle. Playing it on a touchscreen also feels slightly different. (Also read: Angry Birds Evolution Offers a Different Gameplay Experience)

How much does it cost? Oxenfree is only $5 on Android, much cheaper than purchasing it off Steam. For those interested, just look it up on Google Play Store. This is a perfect game for people who happen to be horror fans. If you think you thrive on creepy and supernatural stories, then you should definitely have this game. The main character is a girl named Alex. It starts when a ghostly gate is opened, unleashing evil creatures. She needs to unravel the secrets with the help of radio technology and make proper decisions. The thing is, every decision is critical for the team’s future, so you need be careful. Some questions are hard, but that’s the interesting part of the game. Also, be prepared because the sequence of events can turn out confusing.


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