Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Offers Exclusive Features as Gaming Tablet

Nvidia is known as manufacture company that produces chipset launched several tablets in the Shield series as a gaming tablet. In 2017, Nvidia that based in Taiwan officially released newest gaming tablet named Nvidia Shield Tablet K1. With a widescreen landscape, this Shield tablet offers some fierce performance even for running games with large sizes. There are still many good features about this tablet that would increase your information about this Shield series.

Google Tablets – Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

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Google Tablets – Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

This google tablet offers solid performances, killer value, and exclusive features to make users comfortable and happy when they are using it. Gaming Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 released by targeting users who are a game enthusiast with fierce performance. With graphics that are quite captivating, this tablet is ready to become the best option for you who are game lovers. But, this tablet is not as famous as the other tablet. It would be more branding about this tablet, for examples to collaborate with some famous gamers in many countries that would make this tablet more famous and many people curious about its features.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Specs

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Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Specs.

We have to know more about the specifications of the item that we want to purchase. Now, let’s see about Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 specs to make it clear that this product is worthy to buy.

Operation System: Android Naugat 7.0

This tablet already uses newest operation system which is Android Naugat, so we know that its performance would be good at least.

Display Screen : 1920 x 1200 with 8-inch resolution

With this resolution, we could play many games with a great screen so it would be so fun to play a game with this tablet.

Rear and front facing camera: 5 MP

Not only for gaming, but this tablet also featured rear and front facing camera to support the necessity when you’re using this tablet.

Price: About $199

Actually, there’s no official information about its price, but many sites say that the price of this Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is about $199 which is not too expensive for exclusive tablet like this. ( Also read : Huawei MediaPad M3, Powerful and Reasonably Priced )

There’s some plus and minus point about this tablet so we could make it clear. Some of the plus points are it has excellent sound speaker for such a small tablet like this, it has many of graphical features, Global Illumination, HDR Lighting, subsurface scattering, and much more. And also it has some minus points which are this tablet doesn’t include charger and accessories like a game controller, so we have to purchase it separately, and the other minus point is this tablet has fingerprint-magnet on the back side so it would make it a little bit dirty.

Those are some Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 review for now. It would help you to consider it, either you want to purchase it or not. It depends on your choice. Good luck

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