Nvidia Shield K1, a Low-Cost Tablet for Gaming Lovers

Nvidia Shield K1

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The Nvidia Shield K1 is a budget tablet that comes with a price of $199. It is surely not expensive, but there’s nothing to be found in the box. The tablet doesn’t come with a charger or stylus. While this sounds annoying, you should know that certain aspects really shine. The processor, for instance, can tackle various games even those with heavy graphics. It doesn’t surprise us because this company is known for its powerful processors. If you like games so much, this series won’t disappoint as it also supports console and PC games like the Talos Principle. To ensure the best gaming experience, you would need to pay more for additional devices like a controller and a charger.

Design and display

There is a magnet on the back that can provide stability to the device. It allows the device to stand firmly, so that you can use it more efficiently. Not many budget tablets deliver in display quality. The Nvidia Shield K1 is not bad in this department, but it shouldn’t come as a shock because the tablet is cheap. It measures 8 inches in diagonal with a 1080p resolution. Performance has always been the strongest point. Besides, it is impossible to expect the best specs from a low-cost tablet. Performance-wise, it is a killer. The design looks pretty and this makes a perfect choice for those who need the combination of power and value for money.


The Nvidia Shield K1 comes with an optional controller. It is pretty large, but still feels comfortable to hold. It is loaded with Shield features, so there is complain about functionality. There are wireless sound, a microphone for search, and many others. You can pick another controller to be synchronized with the device. Just use the mapping feature to find out the compatibility. The tablet shouldn’t necessarily be used with a controller, but if you need extra comfort, then go ahead. There is also a HDMI port, but instead of being a full-size HDMI port, it comes in the form of a mini-HDMI port. As for the operating system, the Nvidia Shield K1 runs on Android, the 6.0 Marshmallow to be exact. As one of the newest updates, there are a lot of new customizations you can try.

Nvidia Shield K1 2

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Judging by the price tag, many would be skeptical about performance. Thankfully, as far as performance is concerned, the tablet delivers. You can prove it by playing favorite games. There is an option to stream games from a PC. To take advantage of this feature, a compatible Nvidia card is needed. Overall, the Shield K1 is a fantastic tablet. Although it lacks a few essential things, there’s a great performance to fall back on. (Also read: Google Pixel C review)


The battery life is quite poor. Playing games over a long period of time is almost impossible because the system drains the battery quickly. Therefore, if you want to save the power, make sure to not playing games known for their heavy graphics because it won’t last long. Some games can run smoothly without a problem. Yes, there are power-saving modes, but they don’t seem to work for certain games. For regular use like browsing, the tablet can do it better.

Nvidia Shield K1 specs:

  • 221 x 9.2 x 126mm (size)
  • Quad-core 2.2GHz Nvidia Tegra K1 processor
  • 8-inch (1,920×1,200) screen
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • 16GB of storage
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system



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