Ninety7 Vaux Portable Speaker Base for Amazon Echo Dot

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There’s no denying that the Amazon Echo Dot is a powerful Alexa speaker, but it also has portability issues. To those who have used this device, you may have experienced it first hand. These kind of speakers are supposed to help us simplify our lives by providing answers to questions or carrying out tasks. The thing is, Alexa speakers aren’t created equal. Some are larger and have more comprehensive features, while others are smaller. The compact ones often lack audio quality because they have to squeeze smaller speakers in their tiny bodies. Here’s the Ninety7 Vaux, a great speaker with built-in Alexa.


The Vaux speaker is quite chunky. This is not exactly a substitute to the Echo Dot since both can be used together. The exterior is pretty simple. It has a tubular shape with a grille structure surrounding it. Design-wise, we don’t see how it’s considered fancy or anything. It’s just very simple, but it’s not the interesting thing about this speaker. If you want to use it, just put the Echo into the cradle, and then plug in microUSB cable along with the 3.5mm audio jack.

Don’t forget to turn on the Echo, so that both can be connected. The microUSB port is where you charge the battery. There no fast charge feature, which means it can take hours to reach full capacity from empty. You can find a power button on the back. It’s backlit with 3 different colors to tell when you’re charging or the battery is running low. It also features a 3.5mm input jack. Although the top is designed specifically for an Echo Dot, it can work with other devices like Smartphones.

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Audio quality

It’s not a gigantic speaker by any means, but the sound quality is very decent, actually. There’s no annoying buzzing while the music is playing. All you can hear is clear sound. The treble is well-tuned, while the mid-range performance is also respectable. What we like is bass doesn’t sound overpowering or weak. This is a common issue among small speakers. Sure, the bass could’ve been increased, but it’s still nice to hear. The audio quality is maintained about halfway up. Above that, it starts to get distorted or sound harsh. But if we compare it to the Echo Dot, the Ninety7 Vaux is inevitably a good upgrade. The bigger Echo will make a better comparison, but the full-sized Echo apparently shines on highs because the audio is clear all the way up.

Battery life

The Ninety7 Vaux offers a long battery life. It can last approximately 6 hours, but you can extend it by lowering the volume. It’s great because you can listen to music while enjoying a lovely morning at the patio. It can also accompany you whilst gardening or doing other favorite things. Keep in mind that the battery is used to power the Wi-Fi connectivity and Echo’s processing, so you might need to keep a power outlet close just in case it runs out of juice. We have to say that the Ninety7 Vaux is value for money because for the price point, it offers high quality audio. Besides, it’s designed for the Echo Dot. So if you have one already, there’s no reason to not have it.


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