LifeBeam Vi, AI Personal Trainer for a Fun Workout Session

LifeBeam Vi

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The LifeBeam Vi is a unique device that can serve as a personal coach to the owner. It makes a good companion for your workout routine. Just turn it on and it will directly talk to you. The voice is human, so it doesn’t feel like listening to a robot. Devices with artificial intelligence are very common these days. It is not hard to find one that can turn into a personal assistant. In this case, the Vi can help you achieve goals in the most efficient way. There are many interesting features that this device has. Aside from the AI, it also comes with bio sensors which can provide accurate readings of the heart rate, speed, time, and others.


The LifeBeam Vi looks very compact, but the design is unique. The U-shaped item is actually not a pair of earbuds. The earbuds come as separate pieces which are connected to the U-shaped part. If you don’t like bulky devices, this will make you happy because it is not only compact, but also lightweight. Besides, it is also designed sweat-proof. This makes sense because the device should be wrapped around the neck. After doing vigorous exercise, your neck will be full of sweat and it can easily seep into the device if it wasn’t designed this way. The battery life is terrific as you can make it through a whole day. Surprisingly, the device is not only meant for workout. It can also convert into an MP3 player for you to listen to favorite music.

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Apart from its ability to track your physical activity, the LifeBeam Vi can also receive phone calls. Many Bluetooth speakers have this feature, but this is not your average music speaker. The addition of this feature really increases its value for money. The sound quality is fantastic as well. It serves its purpose as a fitness tracker, but it still provides a terrific multimedia experience. The high sound quality is brought to you by Harman Kardon. There is a built-in microphone in this device. As it incorporates artificial intelligence, this addition becomes so important. It is worth-noting that the mic also has noise filtering, so it will understand you perfectly although the background noise is pretty loud. (Also read: Verizon Wear24 review)

User experience

As a fitness tracking device, it’s built based on a technology called Awereable. It can receive information from your surroundings and use the collected data to provide the best feedback to you. What kinds of things can it track? It is not too different from other fitness trackers. The heart rate is definitely one of them since it has become a good indicator of someone’s physical condition. It can also measure steps, elevation, temperature, and many others. There is a general consensus that the ear can provide more accurate biometric data than the wrist. In this regard, it is designed for the ear.

Despite featuring a proprietary technology, the LifeBeam Vi can still be connected to third-party platforms, like Strava and Fitbit. People have their own favorite apps. Now that you know this, you can connect your favorite apps to this device. This is a good way to track your health accurately. It will give proper readings after a few training sessions. Let’s say you’ve done 3 sessions, it will come up with plans to help achieve the fitness goals.


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