How to Get Rid of Malware on Your Phone

get rid of malware on your phone

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How to Get Rid of Malware on Your Phone – Android is very popular that this platform is often used by scammers to trick the users. Android has a market share of more than 65 percent, which means this operating system is highly popular among Smartphone owners. By the way, there are many ways to protect your device. Firstly, don’t ever install apps from unreliable sources. One good indicator that an app is reliable is it has millions of downloads. Popular apps are typically safer because they are created by well-known developers. If you want to install an app and the description page says that it has been downloaded millions of times and has good reviews, then it is likely a quality app. Otherwise, don’t quick to add it to your phone.

How do you know your phone is infected with malware? A decrease in speed may indicate that a device has malware in it. Other common signs are increased data usage and fast battery drain. If you notice recently that the data usage has increased from the previous months, please be cautious because it’s probably a sign that your phone has malware. Malware also works by making changes within the system, which result in unsolicited clicks. Another sign is excessive pop-ups. Although pop-ups are common because they are a form of advertisement, it’s not normal when the same pop-up ads keep showing and they’re linked to certain sources. An increase in activity will cause the battery to run out faster. This can be infuriating because some devices aren’t designed to last more than a day under moderate usage. So if your phone has a short screen-on time, malware infection will make it worse.

What to do

Once you’re sure that your device is indeed infected with malware, the first step is to uninstall apps that you find suspicious. Remember which apps you’ve added manually and which ones that make the list, yet you have never installed them in the first place. Go to ‘Settings’, and then tap ‘Apps’ or Application Manager. See through the list and find apps that seem unfamiliar. Each app has a description page. Just tap on one to find specific information regarding the app.

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Prior to removal, empty the caches of those suspicious apps. After that, uninstall them one by one. What if an app doesn’t have an uninstall button? This is a red flag because a legitimate app should have one. Try these steps if you come across this kind of app. Enter the device’s safe mode. To do that, you must hold down the Power Button until the menu comes up. There should be a few choices on the list. Tap ‘Turn Off’ for a few seconds, another pop-up will appear which confirms whether you want to reboot the device in safe mode. Just tap ‘OK’ to proceed. In this mode, you can uninstall apps that couldn’t be removed before.

Protecting your phone

Increasing the security of your device is important. Aside from not downloading random apps, it can also be done by installing anti malware or antivirus programs. There are many that you can download from the Google Play Store. Also, don’t visit links that are already flagged by an antivirus. It will open the door for malware to infect your phone. Additionally, never grant permissions for untrustworthy apps. That’s how to get rid of malware on your phone.


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