How to Fix Touch Screen That’s Not Working

how to fix touch screen

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The touch feature one your phone can stop working for any reason. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to fix touch screen that’s not working. Send it to an official service center if the phone is still within guarantee period. Otherwise, you can try the following tricks.

Restart the device

Assuming there’s no physical damage to the screen, the problem probably lies in the system. You can fix the problem by rebooting the Android phone. Don’t quick to do troubleshooting because a restart can probably solve the issue. The power button is normally located on top or either side of the phone. Press it down and hold for a few seconds until the screen goes off. After pressing down the power button, a window usually appears with a few booting options. But since the screen is no longer working, you must try another way to restart the phone. Once the screen becomes black, wait a minute and press it again to turn on the screen.


Switch to Safe Mode

We’ve explained before how putting a device in safe mode can fix various problems. Corrupt third-party apps are one of the reasons why your Smartphone has such problems. It is easier to manage apps in safe mode. Some apps are hard to remove because they’re designed to behave like that. The only way to get rid of them is by deleting in safe mode. This is how you do it. Power off the phone and then restart. Once you see the logo popping up on the screen, release the power button, but quickly press down the volume down button for a while. It will take you to the safe mode. (Also read: How to Clean Up Your Android Phone)

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Take off the memory card

Another way to fix touch screen that’s not working is by removing the microSD card. As we all know, this card is used to store part of data on your Smartphone. The insertion of external memory may cause trouble to the system. If this is the case, you should remove the card and insert it back later. Don’t ever pull out a card when the device is still on because it can mess up the system. To do it safely, turn off the phone beforehand. Use the previous method if the screen doesn’t respond to taps. Depending on the type of your phone, the microSD card is probably located on either side or inside. A card slot that’s located inside a phone requires removal of the back cover. Do it carefully because some back covers are made of plastic, so they’re prone to damage. After taking off the memory card, reboot the Smartphone and see how it affects the screen. You can insert the card back if the problem no longer persists.

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Factory reset

This is effective to solve many Android problems. As the name suggests, factory reset helps return a device to factory default settings or the state when you first purchased it. However, this has some implications, including data loss. So if you have plenty of contacts, photos, videos, and other essential files stored on the phone, please create a backup first. That’s how to fix touch screen that’s not working.


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