Cool Android Features You Should Try

cool Android features

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Each time the Android operating system releases a new update, there are usually a bunch of new features that we can check out. The useful ones are sometimes hidden, so you need to search for them by reading online articles. Here are some cool Android features that you may have missed.

Enable Google Now on tap

Android 6.0 Marshmallow offers a bunch of new features. One of the newest additions is Google Now on tap. Unlike before, the device can now display contextual information regarding whatever you see on the screen. This is like browsing through the internet without actually doing it. The phone itself will provide you with necessary information. If you want activate this option, the menu is located on the ‘Settings’ page. Just open it, and find Google > Search & Now > Voice. The last step is to switch the toggle on.

Supercharge Wi-Fi

If internet quota means a lot to you, then do something to cut down on the data usage. Many people don’t know that Chrome can help with that. To do this, just open Chrome, and then go to ‘Settings’ > Data Saver. Just turn it on to enable this feature. On the contrary, you can also use Wi-Fi when the display is off. Let’s say you are about to download a large-sized file. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi On during sleep. By doing so, the Wi-Fi will remain active even though the screen is off. Here are more cool Android features.

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Power button to end call

There is nothing easier than ending a call. Whenever we receive a phone call, there is an icon dedicated to end it. The thing is, the power button can also play this role. Depending on the device, it can probably be done on your phone. Go to the ‘Accessibility’ page to find out. If there is an option that reads ‘Power Button Ends Call’, switch the toggle on. It will automatically change the current setting. You can conveniently end a call by pressing the power button.

Reduce eye strain

Colors actually have an impact on our vision. That’s why some phones have a Night Mode. It usually works by replacing the original colors shown on the display with ones that don’t put too much strain on the eye. By switching to this mode, you can avoid eye fatigue. To enable, go to Developer Options and look for a text that reads ‘Simulate Color Space’. Choose Monochromacy to complete the process. (Also read: Everything You Need to Know About Android Nougat)


Extend the battery life

There are many ways to save power. Adjusting the screen’s brightness is the most effective one. Instead of enabling the adaptive brightness, we highly suggest you do it manually. The brightness sensor is not always accurate to measure the amount of light around. Besides, auto brightness can strain the eye since the display can turn out so bright. Set it as low as possible especially when you use the phone indoors. We’re sure the text would still be visible.

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Space bar scrolling

Scrolling through a page can be difficult especially on a Smartphone with a small display. Thankfully, you can get rid of this hassle by using the space bar on the Google keyboard. The physical space bar on your laptop’s keyboard can do the same thing. Firstly, open a page you wish to scroll. Tap until the keyboard pops up, and then swipe back and forth over the space bar. We’ll explain more cool Android features next time.


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