How to Clean Up Your Android Phone

how to clean up your Android phone

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An Android phone typically gets slower by the day especially when the specs aren’t too reliable to begin with. There are a few things you can do in order to bring back the original performance of the phone. One of the most common problems is the lack of storage. As you install more apps, the RAM and storage will be more cramped. Here’s how to clean up your Android phone.

Check out the memory usage

Firstly, you have to view each app personally. Find out which ones occupy most of the internal and external storage. Personalization apps and games are usually the ones that come in large sizes, so you should focus on them. Go the Application Manager to see all the installed apps.

Uninstall and Clear Cache

One you’ve defined the apps, just delete them right away. There is an Uninstall button in the description page of each application. Just tap on that to continue with the process. Some apps can’t be deleted, usually those that come as preloaded installations. So, what can you do with those apps? Firstly, don’t update to the latest versions because this can increase their sizes. Another alternative method is by clearing their caches. (Also read: How to Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background)

The deletion of the unwanted data can be done with the help of a third-party app. Visit the Google Play Store because there are numerous apps that offer this functionality. It can also be done manually through the App Manager. It may vary across devices, but it usually goes as follows. Go to Settings, and click on Apps that you want to clean up. Click the ‘Clear Cache’ button. This button is usually present in the description page. Here’s another alternative. Go to Settings > Storage > Cache Data. There will be a notification to confirm the deletion. Just tap on ‘Confirm’ to complete the process.

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Move apps to an SD card

This is another way to clean up your Android phone. Not all Smartphones support an SD Card. Those who don’t may have large internal storage or lower price tags. It is a commonplace for cheaper phones to not include this feature. However, if your Android phone happens to support an SD card, don’t take it for granted. When the internal storage can no longer hold all the apps, images, and videos, please insert a memory card. This is an effective way to free up the full storage. Android Marshmallow even has a feature to treat an SD card as internal storage.

Upload files to a cloud service

So that the images and audio files don’t take the internal storage, you can move them to a cloud service. Don’t worry, your data will be safe because these services employ advanced security practices to keep their clients’ data safe. There are a few choices, like Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, IDrive, and others. While they usually can store different types of files, some offer unique ways to control images. If your biggest problem is images, then look for a cloud service designed for this type of files.

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Factory reset

This action can delete essential data on your phone, so be careful. It is better to back up all important data like images, contacts, and others. What is a Factory Reset? It is a feature to restore a device to its original form. It will make your phone feel brand new, but it comes at the expense of data deletion. The ‘Factory Reset’ menu is normally located on the ‘Settings’ page. That’s how to clean up your Android phone.


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