Casual Android Games You Should Play

casual Android games

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Android games are fun to play. Some serve simple visuals, while others feature heavy graphics. Everyone has their own favorites. Today we will share some casual Android games for you.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario is probably one of the most memorable games to ever exist. Now if you want to play it again on your android device, just install Super Mario Run. This is a good game to kill time. The main elements of the old Mario are still here. You basically have to accomplish the missions in 8 different worlds. Just like before, there is a task to save the Princess Peach from the evil King Bowser. Of course with the lack of a physical controller, it feels a bit different. All you have to do is control the jump. It serves its purpose as a casual game.


Casual Android games are supposed to be fun. Floors is simple, but at the same require critical thinking. The task is to avoid spikes as you run on different floors. You also have to collect rubies along the way. They can be traded for other characters. The gameplay is simple, but keep in mind that there is a wide array spikes you have to avoid. It still needs your attention, though. Without concentration, it will be hard to get to higher levels.

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Chameleon Run

A Chameleon has a unique ability to change its color. Well, this game actually took inspiration from that unique ability. You basically have to run through obstacles and change color. Visually, it looks great for a casual game. The camera angle is also done perfectly. If you’ve always loved colors, then this game would be a good addition to your Android Phone. It is not totally free as you have to pay $1.99 prior to installation. There are other games that cost much higher, so we’re sure you don’t mind it. (Also read: Powerful Android Apps for Cyclists)


Blek is another casual Android game. The visual aspect is one of the selling points. Although simple, many people have a special interest in doodles. The simplicity is another factor that will get you hooked. It takes a while to get used to it. Once you know how to play, it will be much easier. This is perfect for people who like drawing. Drawing sounds simple, but to create a piece of art, not everyone can do that. Open it and start drawing a continuous line to collect the balls. You will end up creating a unique piece when it’s all said and done. It is compatible with S-Pen, so if you have one of the Galaxy Note series, there is no reason to not download it from the Play Store.

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The objective of this game is also simple, but it takes focus, concentration, and timing. There are 2 dots, red and blue. To complete to game, you have to place them on the path correctly. Both are moving, which is why it takes the right timing to place them on the surface of the path. Visually speaking, the game features 3d objects although there are no spectacular graphics like those on high-end games. Well, this is a casual game, so it makes sense. It is free to play Skyward, but if you don’t want to put up with the ads, switch to the paid version. That was some casual Android games.


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