Camscanner Application Is The Best Android For Scan Document

CamScanner Application is an android app and iPhone that can turn your smartphone into a versatile device. For example is a portable document scanner. In this Application use it with the camera to retrieve the documents you need. With this Application for those of you who are busy with work, and need a paper which suddenly should send to others via email or so, you can do it quickly and practically.

Introduction of CamScanner Application

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Introduction of CamScanner Application

When you want to use CamScanner Application, to retrieve multiple documents, you need a camera and then appear to provide additional options such as converting pdf to multiple pages, various documents, image adjustments, and storage integration. This Application is created to take many materials such as articles, newspapers, sketches whiteboard, business cards, and others you need.

So you are not confused in using this CamScanner you need to know some tools that exist in the Application. The central button, to retrieve documents with the camera, then search for documents you will need, for extended options such as delete, merge, share documents, protection, and keyword tags.

Camscanner Application Is The Best Android For Scan Document

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How to use CamScanner Application

When you want to use this app to scan documents, you first have to take the snapshot of your document. For example, you make a document which in the shoot light is rather dark. Well, when like that, use automatic retrieval, with auto flash complete, high-lift mode, and auto-shooting. Given the completeness, is to achieve good lighting and precise.

Also, with CamScanner Application, you can detect edges automatically and also provide manual files with crosshair zoom and cursor. When you finish scanning the image, you can rename the document and scan it again quickly in the future, to export to PDF, and can also be studied and combined by creating a new multi-page PDF document.

The reason of CamScanner is better than a Photo

CamScanner Application can use as a photography tool that can control the digital leveling and flash in the camera phone. The next advantage is, if the image has edited, no need to process again because there are tools Built-in. Also, with this Application, the resulting image quality is good, because in this android Application there are different features to be applied to the picture and bright for the read.

Only with this app, you can convert documents into multi page PDF quickly using your android post. Furthermore, when the paper has scanned, it will be neatly organized, and there is also a nice hosting service, DropBox, Google Docs, and The last reason is that users can protect their documents because there is a layer protection feature. Also read : Daily Workout With Sworkit For Android Apps

CamScanner Version

There are two versions of Camscanner, the free CamScanner, and the pro paid CamScanner for iPhone and Android. Of course, the two versions have some differences that are on the free CamScanner, regarding document number maximum 50, maximum page 50, Batch Scanning Maximum Mode 3. While the CamScanner Application pro paid, for the number of documents, pages, and batch scanning endless mode. So from the two differences, you can choose which version is right for your needs.

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