How to Block Calls on Android

block calls on Android

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There are a few ways to block calls on Android. Receiving unwanted calls can be annoying, so blocking the number seems to be a good idea. Blocking a call is actually not that hard. It is just every phone has a unique way of doing it.

Block numbers manually

It is easy to block numbers on a device that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. All you have to do is open the log and press a number for a while until it shows the ‘Block Number’ option. The problem is this method can only be executed if your device is based on stock Android. But don’t worry, other devices can also do it although the process is a bit more complicated. You can also manage the call block list through the dialer’s menu. Just open the app in question, and find a 3-dot menu on top of the screen. After that, tap on ‘More’ and a list of options will show up. If there is ‘Settings’ on the list, tap it to go to the call blocking section. Whenever you have a number from which you don’t want to receive phone calls, just add it to the list by tapping ‘Add Number’.

Third-party apps

Third-party apps can also help block calls on Android. One of those apps is Mr. Number. The name pretty much sums up its capabilities. Of all apps available for managing unwanted phone calls, this is one of the best. Users like it because it packs a lot of essential features. If you are a first-time user, please explore the app because it can do many different things. We want to point out that it offers 3 types of auto blocking, namely hidden numbers, suspected spam, and scam. We’re sure you can tell the difference. There is a special toggle on each category, which means the app provides so much flexibility to the user.

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Apart from the auto mode, there is also an option to block numbers manually. First thing first, install the application on your phone and launch it. On top right corner there is an overflow button which will take you to the ‘Settings’ after a tap. There are a few sections on that page, including toggles and check boxes. Read carefully each option, so that you know which parts should be changed. In the ‘Call Blocking’ section, the option right below it should read ‘Blocking Enabled’ instead of ‘Blocking Disabled’. If it’s still inactive, just Toggle ON to enable the feature. Right here, you can manage the call block list. There are also check boxes you can tick to filter certain types of calls, including hidden numbers, suspected scam, and others. So, what happens to the blocked numbers? Any number that has been blacklisted will be directed to voicemail whenever it tries to contact. (Also read: How to Turn Your Android Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot)

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Google voice

Another way to block calls on Android is using Google Voice. What you search for is located in the Google Voice Settings. It requires you to sign into your Google Voice account. Find the number you want to block and click More to see the dropdown menu. There should be the ‘Block Caller’ option on the list. Another click will prevent the number from calling you. That’s how to block calls on Android.


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