How to Backup Android and Keep Data Safe

how to backup Android 2

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One of the reasons why you have to backup your Android phone is to keep data safe. There are many types of data we keep on our devices, such as photos, music, videos, documents, etc. Many of them are very important that we can’t afford to lose them. The purpose of a backup is to prepare for data loss. It can happen in the case of theft or another. Many people also use their phones to store important information like contacts and emails. For those who make contacts with clients on a daily basis, you can’t lose these important details. We’ll share tips on how to backup Android and keep data safe.

General settings and preferences

This is the first important step you should take. When you use a Smartphone for the first time, you will be prompted to add an email account for different purposes, one of which is data backup. You can add your primary Google account or create a new one. Keep in mind that the account can help you create backups automatically. There are a number of preferences we set while using a Smartphone and all of them need to be saved. So, how to do it? Backup options are available in the ‘Settings’ menu. This applies to all Smartphones that run on Android. There should be a menu named ‘Backup & Reset’.

how to backup Android

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Go to Settings > Accounts (tap Google) > Select Google account > and then check all you want to sync. To make sure data restoration goes as expected, you should log in to the same account. Don’t use another one because it probably doesn’t have any backup Android you wish to restore.


If you have a new phone, apps from your old device can show up on it as long as you still have the same Google account. Just log in, it will allow you to restore all apps you used to install. You can even pick only certain apps. Android 6.0 Marshmallow and high versions even offer more comprehensive backup options, which include sign-ins and preferences. To learn more about previous backups, just go to the ‘Backup & Reset’ section. (Also read: How to Move Android Apps to an SD card)

Calendar, Contacts and Email

All these types of information can be restored with the help of cloud storage. Being cloud based, there is no need to do manual backups every now and then. Email, for instance, doesn’t need backup as long as you don’t lose the login credentials. Gmail has its own servers to store users’ data. You just have to get into the account to access inbox, trash, and others. The same applies to Google calendar. The data is stored in the company’s servers, so you don’t need to worry about losing anything. As for contacts, the average device lets the user to store contacts in internal storage, SIM card, or a Google account. For easy restoration, you can go for the last option.

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Other files

You can use cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive to store files on your device, which include images, videos, and documents. Some services are free, while others offer paid packages. Don’t worry, cloud storage is affordable. We’re sure a small package can meet your needs. If you run out of space, just upgrade. Files can also be saved locally. To do this, apps like FolderSync Pro will be helpful. That’s how to backup Android and keep data safe.


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