Angry Birds Evolution Offers a Different Gameplay Experience

Angry Birds Evolution

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Angry Birds Evolution is probably the most interesting part of the Angry Birds series. If you are a fan, this approach would definitely spark a new interest in this game. What are you supposed to do? Basically, the main task is to build, which is quite similar to other RPG games. Also, you have to train a flock in order to protect the island against the enemies. There are more than 100 birds to collect in which they can also evolve. Overall, the game looks fun and interesting. It has rolled out to Android, just check it on the Google Play Store to find out. Show your ability to create a powerful flocking team. Use it to destroy the annoying pigs found along the way.

How to play

It is easy to notice that the Angry Birds Evolution is quite different from the previous series, but this scenario is nothing new. Players are required to earn eggs. They would hatch, and your task is to obtain new birds. So, how to collect eggs? All you have to do is finish the story until level 10. Once the mission is completed, you will have an access to the Quick Battles option. This can prevent you from wasting time because the option allows skipping battles as long as you’ve gained enough power. After the Quick Battles get unlocked, take it easy.

So, there are two types of missions you can finish. Those with higher difficulty levels tend to spawn chests. By playing through normal-level missions, there is a higher chance to earn an egg in place of a chest. Just keep collecting eggs, and then go back to town, find the hatchery to reveal what’s inside those eggs. Is farming eggs important? Eggs play a vital role in Angry Birds Evolution, so it’s surely important to collect them. This way, you can have a variety of birds to build up a team and make money. What if they fill up the inventory? Don’t worry, you can still trade them for money. The money can later be used to improve the established team. The best birds take time to get, so just have fun collecting eggs and hatching them.

Angry Birds Evolution 2

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Needless to say, Angry Birds Evolution is addictive because it plays in a different style. But the point of the game remains the same, which is to fight off the bad pigs that flock in Bird Island. In order to win, the strength of your team matters so much. Learn specifically about the birds’ characteristics. Find out which ones are the strongest. They fall into different color categories and each one has a unique ability. For example, the black ones can turn into bombs, while the white ones can cause a lot of damage by passing through the enemies.

This game is not particularly hard especially to those who have been used to playing RPG games. But if we look back, Angry Birds were very popular among children. This undoubtedly feels more challenging with all the tasks that need to be done, but it is good for their brains. The graphics of this game are also amazing. It won’t be exhausting to collect characters because it’s easy on the eye. You can play it on any device, like the LG X Venture.


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