Android Tips and Tricks You Probably Never Heard

Android is one of the best and most favorite operation systems according to all smartphone users. This operating system is user-friendly, you even can understand the steps to maximize the android function in just one instruction. But the weakness is, sometimes, an Android smartphone is often laggy and crashed when you don’t do anything harmful too. Well, that means your smartphone needs some android tips and tricks to bring back your laggy phone become ‘new’ again, and we have the tips and tricks. So, let us get started.

Five for Android Tips and Tricks For Your Laggy Phone

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Five Android Tips and Tricks For Your Laggy Phone

Do you know that your phone can be your digital assistant by maximizing the Ok Google features? Or you can set your phone faster by tapping your build number menu seven times? Well, probably not, and that’s why you have to read our tips and tricks below:

Five Android Tips and Tricks For Your Laggy Phone

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Makes your smartphone zippy

You probably often hear that you can make your phone faster with applications such as RAM cleaner or something like that. But the logic is, when you install another application it automatically will add your RAM usage right? So, since it is quiet useless you can try, our tip. Go to Setting, then General or System, the About device and Build number. Click the build number menu seven times, and you are in developer options. Go there, find window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale and change it to 0.5x, and feel the difference on your phone.

Extend your battery life

The steps are simple. Turn off your network connection, Bluetooth, location and NFC. This will help you to save the battery. Also, you can disable the haptic feedback on your phone. Go to Settings, then Input or Keyboard, then Preferences and turn off the Vibrate on Keypress. The other trick is to manage your phone brightness into the lowest level. If you want, you could install Snapdragon battery guru app.

Speed up your smartphone performance

Your phone be may already zippy, but you cannot guarantee that the performance of your phone is fast. So, there is an android tips and tricks you can use to speed up your phone. First, remove the widgets you don’t need on your home screen. Then, reduce the home screens you have. If you have deleted the widget, there is a high chance that you will have empty home screen. Just get rid of that.

Say Ok Google everytime

You need a personal assistant to answer your question right now? Well, just ask for Ok Google, and surprisingly you can say Ok Google everytime without opening the app. Just go to Google Setting, then Voice. Click Ok Google and set up your preferences. Train your phone to accept your command and your digital assistant is ready.

Customizing Home Screen

You can choose the style for your own home screen’s phone without making it crashed! Just set up the live wallpaper you desire. You also can install the launcher and make sure that you install the light-sized of the launcher. Plus, reboot your phone every week to keep the phone’s performance stable. (Also read : Everything You Need to Know About Android Nougat)

The Android tips and tricks we informed to you are just a half of many tips and tricks out there. You can explore your phone with developer options, too.

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