Android Oreo New Features You Should Know About

Android Oreo New Features

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Android Oreo is the newest update of the popular mobile operating system. Just like the previous versions, this one offers many new features. According to reports, the O will be more focused on speed and efficiency. Any device that receives this update is likely to be way faster, but it also depends on the internal specs. It helps save battery by taking a new approach in managing apps that run in the background. As we all know, these kind of apps are usually resource hogs that drain the battery fast. Not just the features, but the design is also refreshed. You will be able to tell the difference after using it yourself. Of all the features, there are some that we find very interesting. Here are some of them:


We’ve addressed it in the previous post, so let’s have a quick glance. PiP or Picture-In-Picture allows us to watch videos while doing another task. For example, when you’re watching a Youtube video and an email notification suddenly comes up, you can keep the video aside and proceed to the inbox. This way, you won’t miss any information because the video is still playing.

Better battery life

This has to do with the new management of background apps. We all know that these tasks consume a lot of power. With all the new changes, the battery life increases a lot because the background apps are managed smartly.

Notification channels

The Android Oreo is also capable of handling notifications better. The more apps installed on your phone, the noisier it will be because the phone beeps or rings whenever there is a new notification coming through. Now that the O comes with greater app control, you can group the notifications based on their respective channels. Another interesting feature is ‘Snooze’. Those who like to set alarms must have been familiar with it. If it is applied to notifications, they can be silenced for a certain period of time.

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Fingerprint scanner gestures

A fingerprint scanner is mainly designed for unlocking a phone. It doesn’t support any gesture, so it has no other use. But the new Android Oreo will change that. When all is said and done, the fingerprint scanner on an Oreo-based phone will be compatible with third-party apps. For example, to scroll through a webpage we normally swipe the index finger up and down. Once the fingerprint becomes functional, we can do that by swiping the sensor vertically. It may also work for launchers. Instead of swiping the home screen, we can do it on the scanner especially if it’s easily accessible.

Autofill APIs

Many users install password managers on their phones because they create many passwords for different accounts. Comes with the new update is better autofill integration. Your favorite password manager can basically work in collaboration with the new version of Android to provide simplicity in accessing the saved credentials.

Auto Wi-Fi activation

Wi-Fi is battery hungry. Keeping it on nonstop will take a toll on your battery life. On the other hand, it’s impractical to turn it on and off constantly. The new Android Oreo comes with a feature that lets you activate the Wi-Fi automatically. Set it off, it will no longer scan for access points. But when you enter an area with a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Oreo will help turn it back on automatically.


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