How to Use Android Beam to Send Files

How to use Android Beam to send files

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Android Beam is an interesting feature that you should try yourself. It allows you to share files with people who are very close to you. Although sharing files is typically easy, this is even more practical. Did you know that Beam has been around for quite a while? It was introduced to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is no means a new feature. So if you have an Android device, just check it right now. However, it wouldn’t work without NFC.

Make sure the device has NFC on board. How to find out if a device has this type of connection? The information is available in ‘Settings’. In the menu, you should be able to find out Wireless & Networks. That’s where the option is located. A device with NFC support will have a slider to let you enable or disable this feature. If it is OFF, turn it ON before proceeding to the next step. The sender is not the only one that requires NFC support. The receiver also needs the same connectivity to make it work.

How to use Android Beam to send files

  1. Now let’s say you have a compatible Smartphone and a friend sits next to you with a similar device. It is time to start the transfer process.
  2. Just place both Smartphones back to back against each other. Also, the content you’re about to transfer should be on the screen.
  3. If the transfer is possible, there will be a notification saying ‘Touch to Beam’. The next step is to touch the screen and the file. It will initiate the transfer process.
  4. Wait until it is completed and you will see the copy on the other device. The phone will also make a sound once the process is done. Even if it failed, it will still make a sound, only it is different from the ‘success’ sound.
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There are a few things to remember if you want to transfer data with NFC:

  • The two devices should come with NFC support
  • Both devices should also have Android Beam activated
  • Both devices should be active, neither asleep or locked
  • Don’t separate when the transfer is ongoing

What files can be shared?

Apps can be shared via NFC. Instead of APK, the Smartphone will only Beam the app’s Play Store page to the other device. The receiver can open and download it if interested. Web content is also possible to be transmitted this way. But again, it is not a whole page that the phone would send, but the URL of the said web page. If you like watching Youtube videos, you can also tell your friend about it. Using Beam doesn’t necessarily your favorite videos will be forwarded to your friend’s device. Instead, he will only receive links to watch those videos on Youtube.

This can also be used to share contact info. But if the recipient has several Google accounts installed on his device, he will be prompted with a notification to choose between those accounts. Otherwise, the contact will be saved and displayed in the Contacts app. For those who like to share photos, this feature will greatly help. However, not every transfer will be successful even when both devices are already NFC-capable. That’s how to use Android Beam to send files.


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