Check Out These Android Apps for Chromebook

Android apps for Chromebook

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Google made an announcement that it would integrate Android apps with Chromebooks. After waiting for so long, this plan has come to fruition. At first, only a few models could support this integration, but now there are more that can run Android apps. Expect to see others to jump on board. Let’s talk about Android apps for Chromebook.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most essential apps for Android. For those who want to increase productivity, don’t forget to add this app to Smartphones. It is perfect for professional use as it incorporates basic productivity tools. Microsoft Office 365 has been present in various platforms. Working on spreadsheets can be complicated when it is done on a small screen. The average Chromebook has a pretty large screen, so this addition will help do all the business work. It consists of several individual apps. We’re sure you have been familiar with Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. All of them are designed to carry out different tasks.

Polarr photo editor

Photo-editing apps are popular on Google Play Store. The Polarr Photo Editor is one of them. It can touch up images with a variety of effects and frames. Sure, there are similar apps out there, but this one takes photo-editing to the next level with its comprehensive tools. Let’s be honest, Chromebooks were not really designed for this purpose. These kind of apps are usually resource hogs. Some can be loaded online, but that’s about it. Now if those apps are suited for Chromebooks, you don’t need to rely on online apps to get the job done. Hopefully, problems like limited internal storage will be resolved in the future.

Android apps for Chromebook 2

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With so many Android apps for Chromebook, it can be hard to choose the best ones for your Smartphone. If the RAM is quite spacious, it is a good idea to install plenty of them. But if there isn’t much space left, you need to be careful with app selection as they can affect your phone’s performance. Slack is a good addition especially if you are into messaging. This can be a substitute to other famous apps. It can be used to send messages to individuals and groups. Besides, it is also quite advanced when it comes to archiving. It can save communications, so whenever you want to search for old conversations, it will be much easier. (Read also: Google Pixel C, A Powerful Tablet for Business Use)

Other Android apps for Chromebook

Once the Android app integration has been fully supported, you can install favorite apps on your device. Google Play Music is another good addition. It is fantastic for those who listen to music on a daily basis. VLC is also designed for entertainment. It supports a wide range of formats. Not just music, this app is reliable for playing videos. In fact, it has turned into a popular media player. If you don’t want to install too many players, just delete them in favor of VLC. It supports so many file formats and packed with useful tools. We also recommend Pocket. This ‘Read It Later’ service can provide an uncluttered view of web content. In other words, it can be described as a bookmarking app, but the fancier version of it. With Pocket, you can save various types of content, including articles and videos.


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